Rigid foam

Rigid foam can replace steel and wood in many structural applications, such as complete frames, backs, seat pads and arms. It is easily molded into any shape and T-nuts and fasteners may be molded in. There is absolute consistency in form and structural integrity from part to part. Rigid foam structures can be placed in a second mold where it can be encapsulated in soft foam.

Ø Labor, space, ordering, stock advantages compared to steel and wood.

Ø Simplified inventory control: reduced stocks of wood, foam parts and fasteners.

Ø Reduction in cost of shipping, wastage, capital tied up in materials.

Ø Simplified production eliminating costly manufacturing and assembly operations.

Ø Eliminate labor and machinery for installing T-nuts and fasteners.

Ø Eliminate gluing of foam to seat pans and frames.

Ø No waste due to warpage of wood parts or off-spec steel requiring rework or scrap.

Flexible foam

Flexible foam can be molded to virtually any shape the furniture designer may require. Firmness levels can be precisely adjusted to meet design and ergonomic requirements. Office, institutional, medical and general seating needs can all be tailored to the level of comfort and firmness desired.

Ø Molded foam delivers true consistency of shape.

Ø Coverings can be pre-cut with absolute assurance of fit.

Ø All finished product is identical maintaining edges and all design detail.

Ø Gluing operations are eliminated with the exception of upholstery, and greatly reduced with the use of Velcro® molded into the foam.

Ø The cost of variation in form and wastage of piecing slab foam together is eliminated.


Fire retardant foam

Norfoam offers fire retardant foam in both rigid and flexible materials. We engineer parts to comply with strict CAL133 requirements. High levels of cost savings, performance and comfort are achieved with our materials. Increased safety concerns in public areas can be effectively addressed using our products. Since the seat comprises of a large percentage of potentially flamable material, the make-up of those materials being CAL133 compliant is a large contributor to seating sytems passing fire tests.

Ø Maintain soft comfortable feel

Ø Eliminate the use of boardy feeling barrier in seat fabric

Ø Eliminate use of traditional "brominated" fire retardant additives which emit particularly toxic fumes in a fire

Ø Significant cost reductions: no fire barrier in fabric needed, less labor, less inventory to carry, less QC with 1 less component, less stitch material

Ø Reduce work cell complexity with 1 less operation - Higher productivity



Norfoam offers the highest renewable content available in the intustry in its products. Currently Soybean oil is used to make up parts of the raw material. With the increasing trends toward eco-friendly products, Norfoam will provide a more responsible approach to raw material selection. Our foam quality will not be compromised with the use of Bio-foam.

Ø Reduce the dependence on petroleum based materials

Ø Offer an effective path to Sustainability

Ø Maintain comfort, feel and performance

Ø Maintain soft comfortable feel





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